Auad publishing is proud to announce the latest in our long line of Famous American Magazine Illustrator books: Austin Briggs: The Consummate Illustrator. Matching the others in the series, this handsome book is a 9"x12" hardcover with dust jacket and features 160 pages of some of his best black and white art and a great selection of color illustrations, most taken from originals. David Apatoff's comprehensive in-depth biography of Briggs was aided by an extensive interview with his son, Austin Briggs, Jr., a remarkable feat in itself.

This book will definitely stand proudly alongside the other volumes in your Auad Famous American Magazine Illustrators library. $34.95 plus $5 domestic shipping.

Please note: due to space constraints for storage, I limit my press runs to 1000 copies and expect to sell out quickly. I do not reprint. Manuel Auad

Henry Patrick Raleigh


Henry Patrick Raleigh was one of the most prolific artists of the early nineteenth century. His work defined the jazz age and the roaring twenties. The new book is chock full of full color illustrations mostly taken from the original paintings and rarely seen photographs.

"Henry Raleigh, possibly one of America’s most stylish storytellers in pen and watercolor, was a master of scene, design, and making women and their men look elegant and lithe. He defined the ideal smart set life, and gritty social settings with the equal ease, and lived his life at full throttle and martini shaker when illustrators defined the visual culture within the slick magazines. What an inspiring draftsman and storyteller, a real illustration treasure he was."
CHARLES S. PYLE, director, School of Illustration, Academy of Art University

Text by Christopher Raleigh, 130 pages in color, printed on heavy glossy stock paper.
9" x 12", hard cover with dust jacket. for $20.00 ($34.95 retail) plus a Free Print (suitable for framing) and Free Shipping (in the continental United States)!



This lavishly illustrated book covers every aspect of this important artist’s career with authoritative articles, hundreds of incredible full color illustrations and rarely seen photographs. One of America’s best known magazine illustrators from the 1940’s to the 1960’s, Al Parker was an innovator, a trend setter and a constant experimenter.

“If history teaches us anything, it’s that the name Al Parker is Magic.”

“While the rest of us are working knee-deep in a groove (Al Parker is) forever changing and improving.” NORMAN ROCKWELL

Introduction by Kit Parker, texts by Stephanie Haboush Plunkett, David Apatoff and Leif Peng. 208 pages of color illustrations, some from originals, on glossy stock. 9" x 12", hardcover with dust jacket.

What? You don't have a copy of Al Parker: The innovative Illustrator? Do you have space for one on your shelf? I've got exactly the opposite problem and I'm willing to help you if you're willing to help me.
I'm expecting a big shipment of two new titles and I need to make space in my storeroom. If you'll purchase right now, you can get the Parker book for $20.00 ($44.95 retail) and Free Shipping (in the continental United States)!

The Art of Nestor Redondo


Nestor Redondo was Philippine's foremost comic book illustrator since the early nineteen fifties. His love to draw started early on from his childhood and never wavered for as long as he could use his cheap Chinese brush.
He believed very strongly that there isn't a bad pen or brush for a good artist.
And he proved this time and time again.
He drew only what the story required and left space for the reader's imagination to take flight. He was really more of an illustrator than a cartoonist. His lines seemed to flow easily and were always pleasant to look at.
The hero was always handsome, the heroine was always beautiful and there was no doubt how the dastardly looked. It was noted one time that he had more fans than any other artist in the country.

As talented as he was with drawing for the comic books he was just as adept with other media, like watercolor and oil paintings, He was the most emulated artist and the most admired and respected by his peers. There won't be the likes of him again.

80 pages in B&W, printed on heavy glossy stock paper. 8.5 " x 11", soft cover, $24.95


Auad Publishing is privileged and honored to reprint these interpretation of The Way of the Cross by special permission from David Brangwyn. It was first published in 1935 by Hodder & Stoughton in a Deluxe limited 250 copies with a commentary by Gilbert Keith Chesterton. This reprint will be a very limited number especially designed portfolio with a 4 page essay by Dr. Libby Horner from England who is considered the world’s leading authority on this artist.
This edition is limited to 700 numbered plus 50 copies hors commerce (I to L). The plates measure 11x14” and printed in letterpress on Teton 80 lb. stock by D.T. Printing in, San Francisco with a sturdy portfolio-box by Regent Publishing Services Ltd.

The Way of the Cross

Portfolio, 20 plates, 11" x 14", $64.95 free S&H: via USPS Priority Mail. Overseas cost will vary depending the country and will be shipped enclosed in a padded envelope inside a hard cardboard for extra protection.

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