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Today's Inspiration reviews Robert Fawcett: the Illustrator's Illustrator

Robert Fawcett and Manuel Auad on Doing Your Best Work, excerpt from David Apatoff's text in the new Robert Fawcett book: "As his work matured, Fawcett continued exploring new ways of making images. He was always willing to abandon conventional wisdom and experiment with new tools and techniques..."


Lines and Colors reviews Robert Fawcett: the Illustrator's Illustrator

"I was delighted to receive a review copy from Manual Auad, the publisher, who has for years wanted to to this particular book. Working from his own deeply held regard and affection for Fawcett... "


Bud Plant reviews Franklin Booth: American Illustrator:

"Manuel worked with a long-time Booth collector to assemble an incredible collection of artwork never before collected. And most enjoyable to me, there is a lengthy and previously unknown biography written in 1951. Booth has always been a mystery man, and here at last is a long, intimate look at his entire career."

read more at reviews Bernet:

"For those familiar with Bernet’s work, this compendium succinctly exemplifies his contributions and abilities within the world of comic art. Those unfamiliar will find this collection to be an eye-opening experience into the world of a comic master that will send them scouring the Internet to find additional works by Bernet."

read more at reviews Bernet:

"Essentially a career-spanning retrospective of European cartoonist Jordi Bernet's comics work, this elegantly designed and presented hardcover reads easily and naturally. Bernet is an attractive, affordable, and often truly astonishing volume."


Flesk Publications reviews Bernet:

"If you are just learning about Bernet’s work, Auad’s collection of his art, much of it translated for the first time, will serve as a wonderful collection to any comic library. The book is 240 pages and contains 11 complete stories and many pin-ups. "


The John Byrne Forum discuss Bernet:

"This book's a great addition to any art lover's bookshelf. Manuel Auad, the book's publisher, did a great job with this one. He had access to a lot of incredible work from Bernet's archives, and made a beautiful collection."

read more in the John Byrne Forum Archives reviews Toth: One for the Road:

"Manuel Auad has just published his hattrick collection of Toth wonderments! “One for the Road” displays yet another piece of Toth’s mutidimensional career, this time it’s the way-out, kookie, and revved-up “bigfoot years”. Call them the California Custom Cool Cartoons! "


Mark Evanier reviews Toth: One for the Road:

"Years ago, one of comics' best artists, Alex Toth, did a batch of short, silly strips for hot-rodding magazines. Unseen — then or since — by most fans, these treasures have now been collected in a splendid book published by Manuel Auad."

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Small Press Comics FAQ Bookshelf reviews Alex Toth:

"This is a book that’ll keep teaching you for years, if you’re serious enough to keep digging."